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Augusta Richmond County LEPC

Meeting Minutes 11/21/08


Present: Sharon Bennett, Susan James, Neal MCClellan, Lawanna Mercer-Cobb, Chief Howard Willis, David Brown, Co-Chair Randy Barrs, Kevin Hazel,Terri Turner, Kathy Riley, Chairman Earl Hilson, Earl Smith, Butch Wilhelm, Bill Walls, Jerry Harden



Lunch Provided by Kevin Hazel (Proctor & Gamble)


Call to Order:


-         Roll Call / Quorum established

-         Individual introductions given

-         Special Guests: Vistiors health department, Ft. Gordon

-         August meeting minutes approved


Treasurers Report:




Announced opening in membership,several members resigned due to movement in their employement:

-         Voted Earl Hilson-Chairman, Randy Barrs- Co-chairman, Updating By-Laws, Sharon & David working on website link from EMA on Augusta website MSDS Sheets for local hospitals, Susuan James advised hospitals met and need information before arrival the hospital will work on incident sheet for each industry to send to them with information. David Brown (VA)giving IS,200,700,800 training and has room in their classes,Chief Willis advised need volunteers for large scale exercise in 2009,Major Wilhelm from Sheriff Office ask for funding for help with 300-350 Federal mandated vest costing $25.00 each. Approved by Chief Willis & David Brown- all members present voted to agree.Give quote to Sharon for payment. Gave out sub committee information to all sub committee members,Jerry Harden to replace Gary Zgutowicz for the Health Department Adjourned-Chief Willis, Kathy Riley

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