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Augusta Richmond County LEPC

Meeting Minutes 2/5/03


Present: Elizabeth Bailey, Randy Barrs, Art Rider, Bill Foster, Bobby Brown, Jimmy Young, Capt. Williams, John Dukes, Dick Bennett, Chief Gillespie, Matt Paynter, Pam Brammer, Gary Zglitwicz, Chief Willis, Al Walker, Virgil Fowler, Christina Walls, Paul Putnam, Rick Givens, Laurie Wood, Douglas Hill, Buck Griffith, Phil Wasson, Andy Cheek, Debra Beazley, Bobby Scott, Earl Smith, Terri Turner

Excused: Don Dudley, Earl Hilson, John Tebeau


Lunch Provided by Randy Barrs, (Proctor & Gamble)


Call to Order:


-         Quorum established

-         Individual introductions given

-         Special Guests: Paul Putnam (GEMA), Christina Walls (GA EPD), John Dukes (Ft. Gordon), Dick Bennett (Ft. Gordon), Al Walker (Ft. Gordon), Laurie Wood (Forsyth Co. EMA)

-         December meeting minutes approved


Treasurers Report:


-         Check books balanced out by Tara

-         Received grant from GEMA for Hazard Litigation

-         Need new signature cards (2 Signatures will be required) for Chief Willis and the Chairman


Old Business:


-         RMP Portion of Hazard Litigation (Planning Grant) plan due Feb 17, 2003. Money must be expended by September.

-         In 2000, $200,000 was allocated for buyouts of flood-damaged homes. Twelve homes were purchased. Local management matched 10%. Extra money has been applied to 4 more homes in Dominion Way area that incurred more than 50% loss. This should be approved by the end of the week. Three more will be applied for by month end. This will give us a total of 7 additional houses.

-         Sheriffs office- Every manned vehicle is now equipped with gas mask and other PPE


New Business:


-          Paul Putnam explained the Hazard Risk Analysis 3 year strategy to get all GA counties in compliance with Federal Regulations. In this, 2nd year, of the 2 year plan Richmond County will be included.

-         312 submissions- Reminder, TEIR II Reporting is due March 1st. Use the electronic reporting and be sure to read the directions. 15 reports have been received so far in Richmond County and over 1000 for the state. The fire department  will download the reports on CD.

-         EAS- Phone numbers are currently being updated. Many groups have been set up. Residential numbers have been purchased, but are not in system yet.

-         EOC- Monthly drills will be conducted with the EOC with a team effort from fire and 911. To test the EOC, a surprise activation at night this month.  Feb- Tornado Drill, Mar- Daniel Field plane crash, May- Industrial event (River Road Committee will establish), June- Ft. Gordon RMP. EOC is being remodeled as user friendly as possible (simple and direct). “ Efficiency, Communication, and Effectiveness is what we are after”, stated Fred Russell.

-         EMA- interviews have been conducted finalists determined and the decision will be made within the next two weeks. The only unanswered question is whom the new director will report to. The mayor, fire chief or 911 center.

-         Ft. Gordon will hold a RMP plan Drill in May or June. Richmond County will participate in the drill.

-         Discussion- WHIP shipments are not being escorted through the area by local Police. State DMV escorts these shipments and these are satellite tracked. Capt. Williams will look into this.

-         Media- Discussion of media articles to educate public on Shelter-in-Place procedures. Possible video for Comcast 66.

-         New media member Peggy Zeigler.

-         Homeland Security- Threat level has been raised, be cautious. If you have any concerns or threat info, notify the EMA quickly.

-         CAER meeting- Feb 28th at the Barbecue pit on Milledge Road, 12:00, will be hosted by General Chemical. Special Guest: GA Tech.


Reminder: Meetings are held every other month at 11:00 on the second Wednesday. Next meeting will be Apr 16, 2003. Lunch to be provided by PCS Nitrogen


2003 Lunch Providers:

April 16, 2003 -PCS Nitrogen

June 11, 2003 – International Paper

August 13, 2003- Bakelite

October 10, 2003- Impact Safety

December 12, 2003 – Rural Metro