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Augusta Richmond County LEPC

Meeting Minutes 6/11/2003


Present: Elizabeth Bailey, Gary Zgutowic, Russ Foulke, Randy Barrs, Art Rider, D.K.Bennett, Kenny Hindgardner, Al Gillespie, Brian Messer, Earl Smith, Pam Brammer, Bobby Scott, Bobby Brown, Kathy Riley, Phil Wasson, Virgil Fowler, Bill Walls, John Tebeau, Joseph Foster, Buck Griffith, Bill Foster, Randy Teasley


Lunch Provided by International Paper


Call to Order:


-         Quorum established/ Roll Call

-         April 16, 2003 meeting minutes approved


Treasurers Report:


-         Donation received from Aiken County Firefighters Association for $1000.00. A thank-you letter will be sent.

-         No expenses since last meeting. Bank balance $23,522.00 not including the donation.


Old Business:


-         Whistle Stop Tour- Event will be held 9-3, October 10, 2003, anyone interested in participating- companies and vendors- need to contact the EMA. The LEPC Meeting for October will be replaced by the Whistle Stop Tour. Impact Safety will supply refreshments. Committee members will set up a booth. All members should sign in at the LEPC booth and will work in shifts at the booth. Earl Hilson to be in charge of booth and arrangements.

-         Meeting for the Pharmaceutical Stockpile will be July 7, 2003 at 10:00 at the Laney Walker Health Department. Volunteers are still needed. A special meeting for the LEPC will be arranged.


New Business:


-         Procedures addressed for contacting Water Works. Buck Griffin encountered a problem when trying to contact a problem that arose at the plant. 24 hr contact number is 796-5000, Rick Givens. Can also contact 911 Center.

-         River Road group is working on security procedures for “red” homeland security alert. ID’s are a hot topic. The River Road group reminded other members that they have a lot of additional equipment on a moments notice.

-         Randy Barrs held discussion on August’a Early Action Compact in response to the EPA action on air quality in our region. Please see Randy if you have questions. Citizens and local government need to get involved. Here is a brief timeline:  Mar 31 Final EAP must be drafted, if draft is not submitted then Apr 2004 announce non-attainment, Jul 15 reduction strategy planning proposal. Gillespie to set up meeting with Mayor and Commissioner.

-         Reminder to all… use Chief Willis as a resource.


Reminder: Meetings are held every other month at 11:00 on the second Wednesday. Next meeting will be Dec 10, 2003. Lunch to be provided by Rural Metro.


2003 Lunch Providers:

August 13, 2003- Bakelite

October 10, 2003- Impact Safety

December 10, 2003 – Rural Metro