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Augusta Richmond County LEPC

Meeting Minutes 10/2/02


Present: Elizabeth Bailey, Randy Barrs, Art Rider, Kathy Riley, Bill Foster, Bobby Brown, Bobby Scott, Howard Willis, Earl Hilson, Bill Walls, Matt Paynter, Mike Allison, Terri Turner

Excused: Don Dudley, Buck Griffith, David Dlugolenski


Lunch Provided by Earl Hilson, (Olin)


Call to Order:


-         Quorum established

-         Individual introductions given.


Treasurers Report:


-         $18,420.21 not including expenses from CM02 exercise. Expenses will be less than voted on at last meeting.


Old Business:


-         EAS presentation not available at this meeting. (Dave Dlugolenski out of town).  One will be arranged through the vender if needed.

-         EAS not getting priority it needs too. EAS not open to public yet, but has been tested during the CM02 exercise. Not successful to the hospitals. Education will be provided at ESFA meeting.

-         EMA still pursuing telephone list.


-         LEPC by-laws have been reviewed and language as far as committees will be changed. Committee’s will be used as needed.


-         -CM02 drill update: New EAS notifications systems overall were successful.  Public Health set up a Secondary Assessment Center for the first time and worked well. They will be establishing procedures for this. EOC needs more modern communications equipment. A document will be published and available by Oct. 25th.


-         -Spill at Olin 3 weeks ago resulted from a dome seal not being replaced. This was a Caustic trailer (50% NaOH). The spill totaled 16 gallons. A critique was performed and procedures have been changed.


New Business:


-         Membership will remain at 26 members

-         The following members are dismissed from a lack of attendance: Rev. Silas Hawkins, Catherine White, Tom Schneider, Terrell Washburn, Richard Weaver

-         The following people were voted in as members: Matt Paynter (Rural Metro), Elizabeth Bailey ( IP), Randy Barrs (Proctor and Gamble), Taylor Workman (Superior Carriers)

-         The following people are needed: Police Rep, East Augusta Community, Media, 911 Rep.


Reminder: Meetings are held every other month at 11:00. Next meeting will be Dec. 11, 2002. Lunch to be provided by DSM Chemicals. A random list will be generated for lunch providers for 2003.


2003 Lunch Providers:

February 12, 2003 - Proctor & Gamble

April 9, 2003 -PCS Nitrogen

June 11, 2003 – International Paper

August 13, 2003- Bakelite

October 8, 2003- Impact Safety

December 10, 2003 – Rural Metro